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Most of our Prices Shown On The Web Include Shipping for the Continental USA "Only". (Prices Do Not include shipping costs to Hawaii and Alaska). Some products do not include shipping but will say so.If you do place an order on-line to these locations OR for products with shipping not included, we will call or email you with the actual shipping charges.

Shipping Prices are Not Included On Professional Or Competition Trampolines, Playsystems.....Unless It Actually Says So On The Product Page. Call 1-800-872-6765 For Shipping Quotes.

Many sites may say "free shipping". This simply means that shipping is included. We believe it is more honest and not missleading to say "Shipping Is Included" on our site(s) than to "imply" there is no actual fee for shipping. For example; a $300.00 trampoline may actually incurr shipping charges up to $75.00. So we may display our sale price for $375.00 and say shipping is included.....whereas a competitor may display the same price, more or less, BUT say free shipping. We hope you appreciate our effort to be more honest and fair.

Orders $25.00 or less will have a $5.00 processing fee.

**We do not ship to P.O.BOXES. Please use a physical address.

APO/FPO Customers - Call 1-800-872-6765 For Shipping Prices or Email your Requests

We are not responsible for UPS / FEDEX/ DHL and other carrier delays.

Please Note: We Do Our Best To Ship Out Products Immediately.

However On Some Occasions, Products Are Either Backordered Or Delayed In Shipping. We Apologize For This Inconvenience. Please Feel Free To Call Our Office (1-800-872-6765) Regarding The Status Of Your Shipment. Most orders are shipped via UPS -DHL & FEDEX and you should receive a tracking number notification from them.

Again We Apologize For Any Inconvenience Due To Delays In Shipping. We Try To Be As Prompt & Give The Best Approximate Shipping Days When Asked.

On Some Occasions Some Delivery Points For Our Larger Trampolines May Not Be Able To Be Reached By Our Carrier. We Will Call You To Find Out The Best Delivery Point For You & We Will Always Try To Find The Best Route Possible For Your Product. 

Standard Shipping On Trampolines:
Normally Takes 2-10 Work Days. There May Be Shipping Delays
During Holidays. Please Allow Extra Time. 

Express Shipping Is Available
If You Would Like Products Guaranteed Faster, That Service Is Available To You At Additional Cost....But You Must Call 1-800-872-6765. Sometimes Getting Quotes on Express Delivery Make Take A Little Extra Time & Effort, So Please Be Sure This Is What You Would Like To Do.

Products (large trampolines, swing sets, bbq pits) delivered by motor freight (big trucks) will call you for a scheduled approximate delivery time and date. This is because they will only unload the product at street curb/shoulder because they can't drive in or back out of a driveway. It is the customers responsibility to carry the product to the back of the home, the garage or closer to the home.

If you engage the help of the truck driver to carry these items to any place other than the tailgate of the big truck, the driver will send you a bill. If the truck company sends us the bill, this will have to be charged to you.

Products delivered by freight may take up to 14 business days to ship out. Please allow additional time when ordering.

Sorry for this inconvience. We recommend you have two strong people to meet the driver if you want the items moved. A driver/truck company may charge as little as $35.00 to as much as $50.00 to carry the products. If you do pay the driver in cash or check, PLEASE NOTE that you paid it on both yours and drivers delivery ticket.

Drivers in most cases can pull into your driveway but will only be responsible for unloading the item off the truck.
They do not have permission to enter a home, a backyard, a garage. If you need the product moved elsewhere, please have two strong people to relocate the items. These carriers typically do not call to schedule the delivery time or date.

PLEASE NOTE: If You Receive Any Product Damaged, You Must Note It On The Freight Bill Or With The UPS/FEDEX/DHL Carrier. Usually Nothing Is Wrong With The Product. The Box May Just Look Bad. In The Event Something Is Missing, We Will Be Able To Take Care Of That Faster If It Is Noted On The Freight Bill. Please Contact Our Office Immediately at 1-800-872-6765. Ask For Customer Service.

(See damaged section above.)
If your product is missing a part or a part is defective, we will replace that part. We will only ship that part UPS/FEDEX/DHL Ground. If you would like to have your part shipped express, there will be an extra charge for that service.

Cancelled orders that "have not shipped", will incurr a 5% restock, repackaging, processing fee.


 We ship items all over the world every week and we know that you want to pay the least amount to ship your item to you. Please do not assume that shipping by boat is cheaper than air because in most cases it is not. It takes 4 to 6 times longer than air and in many cases it cost more because it usually does not weigh enough to get a cheaper boat rate. We have NO control over shipping cost.

The following rates are for recent cost of Air delivery via our Dock to your nearest Airport (FOB), unless stated otherwise. Buyer is responsible for any and all duty and charges incurred by being brought into your country.

All amounts shown below or quoted for shipping, are approximate. Actual rates may vary. Rates can change daily due to fuel cost. Many items arrive in 14-21 days or less. Delivery times vary. All rates are in U.S. Dollars. Prices shown are for added shipping and do not include the product item cost.

EXAMPLE: 14' AIRMASTER Trampoline shipped to:

Alaska – 275.00
Argentina – 350.00
Austria – 400.00
Australia, Melbourne – 450.00
Brazil – 725.00 / by boat 475.00
Barbados – 275.00
Chile, Santiago – 300.00
China, Shanghai - 350.00
Canada, Ontario – 125.00
Denmark – 275.00
England, West Susex – 275.00 / 12’- 250.00
France, Paris – 275.00
Finland – 325.00
Germany, Frankfort – 300.00
Greece – 475.00
Hungary, Budapest – 475.00
Hawaii – 375.00
Israel, Telaviv – 450.00
Ireland – 250.00
Indonesia - 400.00
Japan – 250.00 / 12’- 225.00
Korea - Airborne 14 & Jumpcourt combo - 500.00
Norway – 255.00/ 300.00
Norway, Oslo – 275.00
Netherlands – 275.00
New Zealand - 425.00
Peru, Lima – 275.00
Rio de Janeiro – 375.00
South Africa – 495.00
Switzerland – 300.00
Sweden – 275.00
Thailand, Bangkok – 335.00
Turkey, Istanbul - 375.00
UK, Heathrow – 275.00 / 12’- 215.00 / AB14’ & FunRing – 415.00
West Indies – 275.00

Other Items:
Alaska - Jogger Plus - 450.00
Brazil – 6’ Tots Trampoline – 493.00
Bermuda – 15’ Aqua Jump – 300.00 / 20’ – 375.00
Canada, Manitoba - 15' Aqua Jump - 245.00 / 20' - 375.00
Europe, Luxembourg - SCS12 - 400.00
France – 6x12 Rectangle Trampoline – 475.00
Korea - 15' Aqua Jump - 450.00, 20' - 600.00, 25' - 850.00
Mexico City – Round Jumping Mat – 60.00
Mexico, Los Mochas – Round Jumping Mat – 35.00 Post office
Netherlands, Amsterdam – 7x14 Rectangle Trampoline – 675.00
Rio de Janeiro – 6’ Tots Tramp - 375.00
Scotland, UK – 14' AB & JC – 400.00
UK – 14’ Weather Cover – 70.00
United Arab Emirates- 12' Super Combo – 525.00
Canada, Quebec – 6' - 14' Round Frame Pads - $75.00

If you cannot get a close idea of what it will cost to ship your item, from the above list, then you may send our staff a shipping rate request. Be sure and include your full address with postal/zip code and all information about your delivery destination such as closest airport or port of call etc. The more info we have the less time we may have to spend researching and calling. Please be advised that it may take several days to get a cost back from us due to the increasing volume of requests.

Please consider the following when viewing our photo's.
1. How current is the product image.
2. What options may be included or not included within the photo.
3. The "watermarks"

Regarding Current Photo:
We try to keep it current. However, the supplier may change colors, styles, lettering, without our notice or providing a new photo image. If known, we do try to act "text" explanation somewhere on the product page. Such as, "...displayed with large size...".

Regarding Options:
The photo may or may not be displayed with options. If it is displayed, we try to put text such as "...displayed with optional ladder.....".

Regarding Watermarks:
Many of our photos may display an image actually imbedded, painted onto the mat....such as a "target" in the center...or our brand logo, company name, etc...

Also, many photo's may have our URL, the "domain name", or other information identifying the product/image as "ours". This is to prevent other website companies from copy/pasting our products to display onto their website. Still, many of our photo's are "stolen" / "pirated" and used on many other websites that "don't" sell our product...strictly to display and sell the same or a similar product.

Website owners do this because of several reasons. Lazy! Maybe they are not a "walk-in" brick and mortar store and don't have products to set-up, display, take pictures of, etc...

We spend a lot of time and money setting up products, taking pictures, cropping, editing, and then to have someone hi-jack the photo off of our site...and they don't sell our product, is frustrating.

Please excuse, understand and accept our apology for photos not meeting your standards.


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Shipping is included on most products over $25.01 unless otherwise specified.  If additional shipping is required you will be contacted by a sales rep.

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