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The Solowheel is the hands-free smallest, environmentally friendly, versatile, light-weight, most convenient "People Mover" ever invented. This new gyro stabilized, electric unicycle is more compact and fun to ride than any folding electric bike or scooter!

The Solowheel is easy to learn. With your feet low to the ground and your legs resting against the pads, it makes it easy to steer and balance. Lean forward to go forward and backward when you want to slow down or stop. It restores energy back to the battery when you slow down or go downhill.

Externally, the Solowheel consists of a wheel and two foldable foot platforms. Internally, the Solowheel uses gyro sensors, a 1000-Watt motor and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. All this technology is housed under a durable, yet visually appealing slim case featuring leg pads and a handle for easy carrying.

The Solowheel can be carry with you anywhere you go
- to the store
- to the mall
- on an elevator
- into your office
- onto a bus
- into your classroom

The modern design and synthesizing gyroscope technology challenges contemporary notions of electric vehicles. Transportation that provides users with an easy, uncomplicated, straightforward ride is the goal of the Solowheel. So get on and get going wherever you are!

Solowheel Specifications and Features:
- Moves forwards and backwards
- Steer by leaning left or right
- Battery: Custom high quality LiFePO4 lithium-ion phosphate 39 volt battery, a123.
- Full charge time: 2 hours
- Charger: Custom international 2A fast charger, 100 to 240VAC
- Speed: 0-10 MPH
- Solowheel: Single-wheel-drive, electric, self-balancing transportation device
- Range: 15-20 miles on full battery charge

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