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Martial Art Mats, Post and Wall Padding


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Martial Art Mats and Wall/Post Protective Pads
Seamless Flooring Mats
Folding Panel Mats
Post Pads
Wall Padding
Martial Art Mats

  • Lightweight 1-3/8" crosslinked cell polyethylene foam filler
  • Superior energy absorption and resilient cushioning with excellent footing.
  • Durable 18oz coated vinyl (polyester scrim)
  • Tough, non-abrasive material, cleans easily, won't stain or absorb moisture (unlike canvas)
  • Stands up to years of heavy use
Crosslink cell foam stubbornly resists degradation and breakdown. (2" Crosslink can also be quoted.) Martial arts seamless flooring can be configured for virtually any application and is easily installed. Limited 2-year warranty.

Cover and foam can be purchased separately. Most floors must be custom made. Please
e-mail with exact dimensions for a quote. Current complete martial arts floor price is approximately $2.30/square foot. This includes both cover and foam. Shipping will be custom quoted. Cover only is approximately $.96/square foot. Shipping extra.

All have 2" velcro fasteners on "all" sides to enable joining mats side-by-side, end-to-end, 18oz coated vinyl (1000 denier polyester scrim) tensile strength of 270x270lbs/inch and tear strength of 100x90lbs. Stitched with dacron thread. 2' wide panels fold accordion-style for easy storage and transport. UV protected and mildew/rot/fungus resistant.

Cover material complies with minimum flam resistance requirements specified in CHSC Section 13115 and is so certified by the California Fire Marshall (Reg# FA-48006).

  1. Standard
  2. Premier
  3. Deluxe

Standard Martial Art Mats(Least expensive and most popular)
Filled with 1-3/8" crosslink polyethylene foam. (provides excellent footing and impact absorption).
5 Sizes:
  • 4'x6' velcro 4 sides, Model M-833X
  • 4'x8' velcro 4 sides, Model M-834X 
  • 5'x10' velcro 4 sides, Model M-835X
  • 6'X12' velcro 4 sides, Model M-836X 
  • 7'x14' velcro 4 sides, Model M-837X

Shipping charges not included.

Premier Martial Art Mats
Filled with 2" crosslink filler for additional cushioning.
5 Sizes:
  • 4'x6' velcro 4 sides, Model M-833P 
  • 4'x8' velcro 4 sides, Model M-834P 
  • 5'x10' velcro 4 sides, Model M-835P 
  • 6'x12', velcro 4 sides, Model M-836P
  • 7'x14', velcro 4 sides, Model M-837P
Shipping charges not included.

Deluxe Martial Art Mats
Filled with 1-3/8" crosslink foam and 1" high rebound 3570 polyurethane for excellent footing and energy absorption.
5 Sizes:
  • 4'x6' velcro 4 sides, Model M-833XL
  • 4'x8' velcro 4 sides, Model M-834XL
  • 5'x10' velcro 4 sides, Model M-835XL
  • 6'x10' velcro 4 sides, Model M-836XL
  • 7'x14' velcro 4 sides, Model M-837XL

Shipping charges not included.

Post Padding
  • 4" thick 50ILD polyfoam core encased in a rugged 18oz. vinyl-coated polyester cover.
  • Velcro closure for quick easy installation and removal.
  • 6' and 7' high post pads
  • 4 standard sizes to fit 4" (or smaller) up to 7" diameter posts
  • Colors available are Royal Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Black, Maroon or Tan.
  • Custom-size post pads for round or square, please e-mail dimensions and quantity.

Post Padding 8 Post Padding Sizes
  • 6'h x up to 4" diameter, Model F-2064
  • 6'h x 5" diameter, Model F-2065
  • 6'h x 6" diameter, Model F-2066
  • 6'h x 7" diameter, Model F-2067
  • 7'h x up to 4" diameter, Model F-2074
  • 7'h x 5" diameter, Model F-2075
  • 7'h x 6" diameter, Model F-2076
  • 7'h x 7" diameter, Model F-2077

Shipping charges not included.

WALL PADDING: 2 Filler Styles
Style One: Filled with 1.25" crosslinked polyethylene
Style Two: Filled with 2" prime polyurethane


  • Backed with 1/2" thick waferboard base to which foam is bonded.
  • Pads are then upholstered with 18oz. coated vinyl fabric.
  • 1" lip on top and bottom provide easy wall mounting.
  • Color choices are Royal Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Black, Maroon or Tan.
  • Custom panels and cut-outs available. E-mail dimensions

Wall Padding
  • 2'x4'x1.25", Model WP-904
  • 2'x5'x1.25", Model WP-905
  • 2'x6'x1.25", Model WP-906
  • 2'x7'x1.25", Model WP-907
  • 2'x4'x2", Model WP-914
  • 2'x5'x2", Model WP-915
  • 2'x6'x2", Model WP-916
  • 2'x7'x2", Model WP-917
Shipping charges not included.

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