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We have a new trampboard product that is inexpensive and easy to use. The only requirement is to have a trampoline, preferably our large rectangle trampoline which can toss you higher than our round trampoline. The Trampboard is an innovative, unique, flexible, life-like, patent-pending product that was created to guide a student of extreme sports to an understanding of how difficult maneuvers on a wakeboard or a snowboard are actually accomplished.

Trampolines USA, your one stop source for trampolines, trampoline parts AND trampoline accessories is proud to be launching the Trampboards!! A great new training tool! Here's what this amazing new product is all about:

Board sports are hot. Snowboards, wakeboards, surfboards, skateboards, kiteboards and now trampboards. Some kids play video games where they can copy the moves of the pros. This simply requires using their thumbs and brains. Fewer kids have access to half pipes made of snow. Still fewer have access to a wakeboard boat or watercraft and water. Kids and teens, as well as adults around the world, would jump at the opportunity to do the tricks the pros do in their own back yard.

Used with a trampoline, this Trampboard allows a boarder to fine tune advanced tricks before taking them to the snow or water. The Trampboard has the feel of a real board, but is soft and flexible for safe use on a trampoline.

Catch the new craze of “Trampboarding" at all the surf shows and expo events.

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Trampoline Skis
Our Price: $249.95
Trampoline Skis
Trampoline SnowBoard or WakeBoard
Trampoline SnowBoard or WakeBoard
Our Price: $250.00
Trampoline SnowBoard or WakeBoard
Push SnowBoard and Vent WakeBoard for Trampoline use.
Original Trampoline Bounce Board for Snowboard, Kite Surfing, Skate Board and Water Surf Training
Trampoline Bounce Board
Our Price: Starting at $112.95
Trampoline Bounce Board
Trampoline Training, Snowboarding, Wakeboard, Trampoline Boarding, Skateboarding, Kite Boarding and more
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